lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Where am I going?

hello! this is my first blog post for a long time, as I said I'll put things that I like to share with you. Thanks to Chini, for his patience and gentleness. In recent times I think I've only bought things MESH, now I see the prim old and strange xDD I think I fell in love as smooth hair done with mesh and pants so tight they feel perfect body, it looks so real!!


SKIN: League Jen Suntan Aqua NEW!!
SHAPE: { Paranoid Dolls } NEW!!
NECKLACE 1: The Theology Necklace
NECKLACE 2: [DDL] Hypnotize
SHIRT: Maitreya
BELT: (( Not for sale old gift))
PANTS: Maitreya
SHOES: Slink Lulu Stilettos

sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Olivia new shape in Paranoid Dolls

After a long vacation…I’m back! My old followers, as you know, my blog was fully dedicated to fashion free in sl. Now we will include a bit of everything: freebies, not freebies and new shapes done for my store.  Furthermore, maybe we will have some external collaboration but…we’ll see!!
We hope that you like our stuff because everything is done with lots of love <3.
My first post is a shape of my store “Paranoid Dolls” named “Olivia”. Hope you like it! See you soon! Kisses!

Taxi to mi shop in word HERE
Marketplace HERE
Enjoy it!!

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miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011